Destry’s Free4All
June 23-25, 2017
Glen Rose, TX

Attention contestants – Please double check your session(s). Should you misspelled a horse name please just come by the show office at the arena and let us know. SHOW OFFICE IS CLOSED, so there is no need to call, text, Facebook or email us.
Contestant’s draw numbers ending in 999 failed to provide valid SS#’s. Now you will be required to come to the show office and fill out a W9 in order to find out what your actual draw numbers are. Uncle Sam takes SS#’s very seriously and sends us nasty little letters if the numbers aren’t valid, sorry.

Show Office will open @ 7am Friday morning.
Session start times will be as follows:
1001-1350 Fri @ 9:00 am
2001-2350 Fri @ 5:30 pm
3001-3350 Sat @ 9:00 am
4001-4350 Sat @ 5:30 pm
5001-5400 Sun @9:00am

Something new!! IF YOU GOT A STALL Your stalls will be unlocked automatically approximately 2 – 3 hours prior to you section starting. No need to wait in line at the show office and your shavings will be preloaded and already waiting on you. You can find your stall assignments below the draw on the stall list.
Also, we have just been informed that the Expo will be hosting exhibitions on Thursday, June 22 from 8 am to 1:30 – THERE WILL BE NO CALL-INS FOR EXHIBITIONS. Early check in for stalls will be Thursday starting @ 11 am at the Expo Office. Not the Show Office in the arena. We will be setting up. Again…Expo Office

Click here for Stalls

Click here for pdf version of Draw