Dinosaur Classic Rules 2024



Dinosaur Classic Rules 2024



  1. Refunds. Requests to draw out with a refund must be received by email no later 5 pm Jan 15, 2024. ( (Processing fee plus 25% of total entry fees are non-refundable). All refunds will be processed approximately 10 days after the show.


  1. All contestants must wear a long sleeve shirt, boots or “heals down” style shoes, and western hat or riding helmet. Failure to comply with the dress code will result in a disqualification.


  1. Anyone losing their hat during their run will be assessed a $10 hat fine. Fines must be paid when claiming hat. These fines MUST be paid prior the distribution of win checks.


  1. OPEN horse substitutions and other changes must be made in the Show Office one (1) hour before your run and will incur a charge of $10. All changes must be requested in writing and must be made before your run. No rider substitutions in the Open.


  1. Futurity – No horse substitutions in the Futurity, rider substitutions must be made 1 hour before the 1st


  1. No switching of draw


  1. All reruns will be the decision of the Arena Director/Timekeeper. Rerun will be on a fresh drag. Arena Director/Timekeeper’s decisions are FINAL. A horse falling during the run will not receive a rerun. Any penalties incurred during the original run will be carried over to the rerun in event of timer malfunctions.


  1. Failure to answer 3 gate calls in a 60 second time period will result in an official scratch.


  1. Contestants MUST check in with staff in the holding pen area and must also be in the holding pen when the tractors finish dragging prior to their group of five. All runs must be made from the holding pen, and not the back of the alleyway.


  1. A horse/rider combination may enter the race only once. However, more than one person will be allowed to ride the same horse…just not more than once. You may enter as many horses as you wish. (This is a variation of the family rule).
  1. Contestants will receive a no time for knocking over a barrel or breaking the pattern and will be a no time even though the announcer may fail to call out the no time. Once a barrel has been knocked over or the pattern broken that will end the competition for that run. The contestant may finish the pattern, but no circling of the barrel more than once and the horse is not to be trained, schooled or exhibitioned for the remainder of the


  1. In the event of a tie for prizes a roll of the dice or flip of the coin between contestants tied will handle the tie for awards. (High number wins.) Should all contestants involved in the tie not be present, the ones present will participate and a BBR staff member will roll for the one(s) not


  1. Pre Entry deadline without a late fee for the Open, Futurity and Derby Sidepot will close on Jan 2nd. Postage machine dates DO NOT qualify as postmarks. Late entries in the OPEN will be taken with a late fee until Jan 17th and after the draw has been posted until the last 50 runners of each day’s Open 5D race. Late entries will run after all pre-entries. Late fees do not apply to Incentive Races; however, they must be entered prior to your Futurity entries received after pre-entry deadline (Jan 2ndth) will incur a late fee of $50/per Futurity horse and books will close at 5pm Thursday, January 25, 2024. Optional carryover of the Futurity entry to the Open 5D may be added prior to the beginning of the Futurity each day.


  1. Number of places paid per division in all races will be in accordance with BBR rules. These can be found at


  1. Payout – Payback will be 75% of entry fees and 100% of added money using the BBR 5D format (1/2 sec splits) percentages. If all placings in a division(s) are not filled, remaining placings will be divided proportionally amongst that


  1. Incentive Races Classic Equine Age Incentives – will be governed by a 4D format with ½ (.5) second splits and a 75% payback. Times from your 5-D run will automatically be carried over to the Incentive Races from the open run. A contestant may enter an incentive sidepot up to one hour before their run. If all placings in a division are not filled, remaining placings will be divided proportionally amongst that

MVP Big Spender Slot RaceThe Big Spender Slot Race will be paid on a 4D, ½ second split format with 85% of entry fees (less Open Carryover Fee) split 35/30/20/15% to the 4 divisions.  Entry includes automatic rollover to Open 5D.


  1. Futurity – Open to horses 5 and under who have not competed for money or prizes prior to 11/15/23. It will consist of 2 long goes and an aggregate with 30% paid in each go round and 40% to the aggregate. Payoff in the long go rounds will be 2D progressive with 1 sec split.  Aggregate will be paid on sweepstakes format.  The number of places will be determined by the total number of entries.  Payout will be 75% of entry fees + 100% of added money.  It will be optional to carry over to the each day’s Open 5D.  Checks will be issued to the rider of the Futurity horse.


  1. Derby Sidepot – Open to horses 7 and under who are in their second and third year of competition (age 5 or 6 if futuritied as a 4 year old – age 6 or 7 if futuritied as a 5 year old). Times for Derby Sidepot will carry from Sunday Open 5D.  Payoff will be 2D progressive with ½ sec split.  The number of places will be determined by the total number of entries.  Payout will be 75% of entry fees + 100% of added money.  Checks will be issued to the rider of the Derby horse.


  1. American Qualifier – The American Contender will run as a separate event and times will roll to the Saturday Open. Checks for the American Contender will be issued by Better Barrel Races.


  1. Negative coggins is required on all horses and health papers will be required if from out of state. Please be prepared to provide paperwork upon request.


  1. Once a contestant has entered the competition ARENA (competition arena is defined as any point past the arena gate) they must maintain a forward motion. Under no circumstances will a contestant be allowed to intentionally circle, stop or back up their horse once they have entered the agate. Such circling will result in a disqualification and a no


22.  Contestants MUST check in with the show office before their run should

the posted draw note ‘Must See Office’ under the horse name. Anyone not checking in will be disqualified – no exceptions!


  1. All prize money checks will be made to the rider. Published awards and win checks will be available after the show, once the contestant has provided the show office with a completed W-9 form (must be in the rider’s legal name – no trusts, LLCs, etc.) – and can only be picked up by the person whose name is on the check (an exception to this would be a minor with the parent or guardian present). For winnings not picked up at the conclusion of the show, contestants MUST provide the office with a completed W-9 form – once the form is received, checks will be mailed to the address listed on the entry form. Checks not cashed after 120 days from the date of issue will be considered ‘stale dated’ and thus be void and will not be re-issued. Contestants who do not provide a W-9 or cash their check within the 120 day period will forfeit claim to their winnings and/or awards.